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Atlatl Software

This project was done while contracting for Levelwing in Mount Pleasant, Charleston. This was one of those projects where I worked on everything from branding to the UX and final UI for the site. They were great clients with some really innovative software. Their site and branding was very confusing and in dire need of a modern facelift.

The Brand Mark:

The first part of this project was to update their branding from a man throwing a literal Atlatl to something that represented technology much better. Off to the sketch book for me to see what has legs and what needs cut. I did come up with some pretty sweet families of icons. The final logo ended up being a nice flat design refined by one of the designers. My role on the branding part was to provide viable options and led the other designer through the creative process. When you work in teams, it's not about whose concept gets used and who owns it, it's about the team and the collaboration. Set the egos aside and allow the best work to rise to the top.

Atlatl Sitemap

The UX:

To get this website re-work off the ground I started with a site audit to identify where the site isn't working and what the client will be using to measure the new site success. From there I work with them on creating a sitemap and PDDs (Page Description Diagrams). I find them helpful in getting a workable list for all the required pages and page elements.


Pending the client I may move right into design or into wireframes. This client needed to have wireframes to gain approval from the main stakeholders before moving in to design. I used Balsamiq to create interactive wireframes for ease of review.

Final Designs:

This site was designed in Adobe Photoshop and exported to InVision where it was stitched together as an interactive demo. This acts as an aid the development team in production as well as gives the client a better idea of how the site will function.

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