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Brewing Company

I love illustration and I love beer! For a period of time I got to do some really cool work for a local brewery. Here are some of those projects in various stages.

The Sketch: Everything starts with a sketch with me. Beer cans are no exception. I like to sketch my ideas out and then I will trace individual elements with an ink pen and scan them in to convert them to vector shapes.


The Render: I will fit the sketch to the product in the final product to test the design and margins. At this point I can see if the logos work right and if I have the space for the copy, barcodes and government warnings. I did have to make a few adjustments post sketch.

RW_Preview01_JAW (1).jpg

Box Art: This piece was a lot of fun. I love the process of making these illustrations. From the sketches to the ink and digital layout. This design never made it on a beer can but it did make it on t-shirts and cozies.


Can Art: This can design did make it to print and to the grocery stores and bars. It's a fun design that's playful and bad-ass at the same time. It's the perfect IPA for a day on the water and this image nailed it.


Beer Personalities: These beer personalities were created to hang in the brewery to give customers an idea of the beer flavors on tap. These were all hand drawn, converted to vectors and then the typography and colors were added in.

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